01-Jukebox Title Strip Software for 45/78 RPM Records         49.95

                               02- Juke CD Tirle Strip Software for CD jukeboxes                  59.95

                               03-Title Strips 45 RPM various color's     100 strips                   9.95

                               04- Title Strips CD jukeboxes                 100 title cards             14.95

                               05- Lamp Socket for #63/81 type lamps used on 50's Seeburg
                               jukeboxes to light mech cover 100B, 100C, 100G, 100W
                              used on the end covers of 100R/J V200/VL200, KD200 new      8.95

                                06- #44/47 led lamps in white, blue, green, red, yellow  
                                      install for a bright long lasting cool light source                3.49

                                      Call or Email with model number for dome support
                                      gas lift spring for AMI Rowe Jukeboxes

                                  Call for price on Cartrige or Stylus for Jukebox or other phono's
                                  we have thousands of new old stock tubes, needles, cartridges
                                  and other parts the above prices include shipping for mainland

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